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STUFF FROM ISSUE #1  Summer ’04 (SOLD OUT) 30 copies printed



“I’m weird, but don’t worry, you’ll be just like me when you’re older!” I’m crushed in a pit of about fifty people (it seems like) near the front of the stage at the Emerson Theater on the eastside of Indianapolis. It’s Friday night and in the middle of the third band on the bill’s set, I’m encountering my so-called future. A woman who seems age-less is holding a cigarette in one hand while waving the other at center stage. Screaming along to each word of the set list, she laughs in small spurts at invisible jokes. You couldn’t help but laugh along as you’re rammed in the back by some guy in an old cap. I try to yell over the amps, “You’re not weird, trust me!” She couldn’t quite hear what I said, yet shot another serious look, “Oh yes- you will.” And then danced over to a fellow mosher. I laughed and shook my head as I turned to face the show.


     The Emerson Theater (if you haven’t been there, you must be a little wrong in the head) is one big, old school, knockout of a venue. You walk in; you buy a coke, and graba ripped couch. Kids, bigger kids, and kids that are just too damn big for their own britches can be seen hanging out and throwing interesting glances. At least that was at the show I attended. Seeing as I live on the Westside (‘WESTSIDE!’) of Indianapolis, I don’t get to go to many shows. So seeing the Honesty, Project Bottle Cap, America Owns the Moon and The Malcontents all in one set for cheap was quite nifty.


     Each band had their own distinct sound- The Honesty did a nice acoustic set complete with modified Casio, Project Bottle Cap ROCKED the stage along with some manic twitching from thei lead persona, America Owns the Moon- is the craziest looking band I’ve seen since Cheap Trick- but indeed they rocked heavily and seemed to have a pretty bitchen fan base, and the Malcontents.. what can I say? They kicked more ass than Don Knotts in a sombrero AND managed to catch attention more often than not. An overall brilliant show- ‘hope to see more like it.


By Kelso




So, I’m sitting here minding my own business listening to Lou Reed and reading “1906” by James Dalessadro, and all of the sudden I hear a squeaky noise. So, I look out my window and there on the road is a single file line of electric wheelchairs, streaming towards “the freaks” house. The leader of this little group is wistling. Two of the electric wheel chairs get up onto the curb fine, the other one crashed into the curb and almost tipped over backwards. After three tries he made it up but almost immediately  crashed into a stop sign.

    This is usually the kind of thing that goes on at midnight on a Wednesday.

The Freaks live across the street, they’re drug dealers… which is good for me because I see interesting people going in and out of their house 24/7. The Freaks yard has over 300 lawn ornaments, all of them spray painted red white and blue. They sit outside around a plastic cauldron, smoke pipes, talk on walkie talkies, watch TV, their tree has plastic skulls hanging from the limbs? Sometimes the freaks leave the plastic cauldron to ride on mopeds, they light fireworks all year round…Wow, and I thought I was weird.


Sybilla Gimmick

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