random quotes


Various quotes of wisdom from articles and interviews.


“If they have NASCAR in Sweden then I’m going to Sweden

   -Jesse Thunder from Counter-Culture Unity



“We’re all about, giving the man a positive spin.”

Tom from Pizzle


“…Modern Culture Shot My Dog.”

Jason from Pizzle


“No really, there was a limo but Morrissey wasn’t in it.”



“Hoon YOU hahahahaha RARHG WARPOOP!”

ZoŽ from Dead Pink Night


“Band names should always be annoyingly complex just so you have a good long answer ready for when someone asks you how you came up with your band name.”

Burd from the Junekill Ward


“Oh shit! Someone stepped on Reggae Ron’s head!”

Random comic strip punk from The Adventures of Super Punk


“…And then Vampire Mike sucked the blood off her finger and said something really weird about stealing her soul, and he smelled really bad.”

Jannell Summers


“I was in a band called Primtive Baptist Church; we were a death rock band.”

Kelso’s mom


“…horrible, horrible tape but I liked it because it was Sid Vicious”

Samika Branham


“You mean besides the one where I accidently whacked you in the head as I was opening the door to load in for a show?”

Chandler (Free Zone radio host)


“I’m not sexy-nasty enough for Jerome!”



“You can only listen to a British guy chanting about sex for so long.”

Sybilla Gimmick

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