The Hooligans Who Make Youth Culture Killed My Dog


Kelso: Journalist

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, going to shows, talking to strangers, walking to Kroger, dumpster diving, computer programming, graffiting, using the force against the dark side.

Likes: Henry Rollins, sour cream, Dave Grohl, Prince, horror movies, ska, vampires, werewolves, Stargate SG-1, rockabilly, mix tapes, learning to sew, vinyl, IDM, anime, manga, The X-Files, Batman, cartoons, comic books, sleeping, the 80s, Molly Ringwald, Star Wars, science fiction.

Dislikes: Emo, Screamo, Emo-core, school, being told how to act, homophobics, racists, nazis, show choir, waking up early.

Yo! My full name is Kelsey Simpson. I shortened it to Kelso in the 4th grade. I've been with the zine since it started back when Sybilla and I thought that it would be cool to go to the Warped Tour. I am a jedi nerd geek journalist person. I live in Indianapolis, and I am a 17-year-old Junior at North Central High School. Sybilla Gimmick, Sophia Velasquez, and David Peck are my best buddies. I love Black Flag, and anything Dave Grohl does. I may not always have something right away for the zine, but I birthed that bastard too, no matter how much child support I don’t pay. YOU HEAR THAT SYBILLA?! I’M YO BABY’S DADDY! If you ever want to watch a Disney movie or talk about cheese, give me a call!



Hobbies: Bike riding, reading, gluing, cutting and writing.

Likes: Making this zine, God, candy, skinhead boys, sleeping, reading, circle pits, Piradical Productions, The Anderson library, spontaneity, and Trader Joes dumpster!

Dislikes: Disliking things.
I'm Sybilla Gimmick...The last name came from me and Kelso's band The Gimmicks originally we were all going to take the name but we broke up after our second practice and they forgot about it and it kinda stuck for me.  I started the zine, see the "About" page for more info on that...I love local music more than life itself. I'm an anarchist, straightedge and a vegetarian  I'm not interested in star wars or anime. I live in Anderson Indiana, I claim to hate this town but really I adore it, although my heart lives in Indianapolis. I was born on April 20th 1990, I'm homeschooled...I ride my bike around downtown anderson a lot and hangout with my friends. I am the abused single mother of YCKMD (I'm taking you to court Kelso!!) This zine keeps me alive.


Alan Sternberg: I do stuff with the zine
Hobbies: Audra Beeman (fiancee), riding bmx, playing guitar and bass, school, work, not having fun, listening to music other people don't like, working on my websites and zine (punksonbikes.com and Team BMX zine), sitting, eating, saying fuck, writing, drawing, being mean, and yelling.
Likes: God, Audra, my bike, punk music, good mini ramps with a copping to copping spines, Team BMX, getting money, spending money, guitars, eating, pizza, sleeping, and a lot more.
Dislikes:  To many to list but mainly people, paying bills, being poor, school, work, and things along those lines.
I currently live in Muncie and go to Ball State University.  I met Sybilla at the library after she followed me and stood next to me not saying anything for about a minute.  I had heard of her through flyers she left in books.  I helped spread the word about YCKMD and BDTB before anyone really knew about it in Anderson and Muncie.  My first writen contribution came in issue 5.  Other contributions include helping with the BDTB site, taking pictures, video taping shows (check the photo and video page on BDTB for more), and passing out flyers in Anderson and Muncie.


Nate Rose of the Raging Cocks: Journalist/resident kicker of ass.

Hobbies: listening to music, Food Not Bombs, reading (it's sexy.), going to shows, hanging out at home, writing.

Likes: Marissa, horrible terrible junk food that's bad for your health, punk rock, the straight edge movement, punk rock, philosophizing, moshing, comic books, girls that are aware of more things than what their favorite make-up brand is, (intelligence is sexy) and people who are politically aware and/or active (and this means more than just saying "yeah, Bush sucks.")

Dislikes: bigots, emo poetry, the emo influence on popular culture, people as a whole, CELL PHONES, authority.

I'm Nate, I'm the awesome bassist of the amazing band the Raging Cocks. We're going places. We're definitely one of the more popular acts here in our little scene...alright, that's bullshit, we suck and only our girlfriends and a handful of other people actually like us. Anyway, I'm one of thos einfamous people that was always like "Hey, Sybilla, I'm gonna write something for your zine" and just never did. Until I actually did. I met Sybilla through a group of my friends that took me to a show she booked, and ever since then we've been friends.


Sam Wilson: screen-printing & journalist

Hobbies: Screen printing (www.indypatches.i8.com), back-packing, going
to Punk & Ska shows, helping put shows together, hitch-hiking,
squatting, dumpster-diving, survival tactics, fighting with cops and security
guards, breaking the law (who doesn't?), striking up conversations &
debates, hanging out with the crew, making new friends, helping out the
street punks and the homeless, & eating 2/3 pound monster burgers with
Stephen and Margie at 3am while worrying about being robbed...great times

Likes: S.H.A.R.P.s, DIY, an anarchy society, people who don't let
others think for them, stealing from big ass companies like wally-world,
guitar,  Soccer (Real Madrid) & Hockey (Bruins)

Dislikes: Assholes, racists, racist skinheads, nazis, black panthers &
the KKK, people who: ask too many questions, consider themselves the
elite, act stupid on purpose, lie to a friend, ruin the fun, are a cause
for venue closings.

People call me Sharky, Sam, or flip wilson. I was born in September of
'89. My friends say I'm generally an all-around person, but basically
unless you're a skin grizzlin' nazi pig, think you're better than
everyone else...or you're just highly annoying, or a bitch, i'd probably like
to meet you. I really don't like to talk on the phone...just doesn't
seem right but I will if it's necessary. I'm not politically correct, but
I like talking/debating politics. I am an anarchist but that has
nothing to do with chaos. I hate math. I grew up in Bloomington IN and moved
to Indy about 7 years ago. I plan on going to Herron art school after
H.S. I don't want to be a street punk, so i plan on starting my own
business, going in on buying a house with some people in the middle of the
scene and inviting all my friends to crash there.


Tyler Outlaw: journalist
Hobbies: Music, Anime, Hanging out
Likes: Love, Peace, Freedom, free-thought, conspiracy theories, Socialism/Communism, anyone who can give a good unbiased debate, & PUNK ROCK!
Dislikes: Child molesters, war, Bush, racism, drugs, country music, sluts, & sell-outs.
I'm big on punk rock. I like free-thinkers (because they're the dangerous ones). I love going to a good ol' local punk rock show. Fuck the mainstream. I hate the bull-shit tyranny the government spews from the idiot-screen. The big banks and sell-outs market and profit from the spoils of wars they start to send the poor into. We don't gain anything. We die. We're their cheap labor. Democracy is just a word for the people when they're starving. Make jobs, not bombs! I'm your average angry anarchist prayin' for the chance they'll slip up and the world will see.


Mitch Jerkwad: Journalist
interests/hobbies: I play guitar and sing in a local band called The Jerkwads...I also lead sing in every other local punkrock band...such bands include :The Five Second Cummings, dead In Marseille, Bolth, up!scumbag, two bit terribles,Gay Black Republican, highway magic....they don't ask me to sing...I just do. I also am a drummer, bassist, mandolin player, harmonica player, pianist, mild violinist, mild trombonist, and banjo player. I write alot of music and essays and stories and whatnot and also have a solo project finished that I just need to get copied to give to people.
favorite bands: aside from local acts mentioned above, I like (but am not limited to)- Stiff Little Fingers, Leftover Crack, Against All Authority, Choking Victim,  the clash, rancid, Operation Ivy, Destroy Everything, The Ramones (real ramones),  Toxic Reasons, Zero Boys, and most local punkrock acts.. I like a little of everything and it would take years to list all the music I love....so i kept it to essentials.
dislikes: racists, sexist, elitist assholes, homo-phobes, assholes in general, gum on the bottom of my shoes, biased media ( both liberal and conservative), and the conservative regressive revolution that is occuring in this country currently...
come talk to me sometime at any one of the jerkwads shows and hopefully we can get to know each other!!!


Peter: Essayist

Hobbies: I play bass and do vocals for Wait til Wednesday, studying anything that interests me, listening to music, going to shows

Likes: Playing music, listening to music, helping others, God, fast music, Indianapolis

Dislikes: fake people, hateful people
I'm Peter Evans, I'm the vocalist and bassist for Wait til Wednesday. I enjoy intelectual debate and learning about the world around me. That's about all. THE END.


310 W. 2nd Street
Anderson, IN 46016

Since FEB. 7th 2006