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Interview with me from Alan's awesome zine TEAM BMX
TB: Please introduce yourself, how old you are,  and list everything you’re involved in.
Sybilla: Welp, I'm Sybilla Gimmick I'm sixteen and right now I'm involved in YCKMD, and I'm doing some volunteer work, I show myself at many local shows and spread the good work of punk rock...I used to book shows and do work with the local Food Not Bombs and Gay Straight Alliance. I quit everything the beginning of this summer to take care of my baby (yckmd).

TB: What was your first show (not just punk show)?
Sybilla: Hmm...Zero Boys at the Talley in like '91. I don’t think there was one before that, maybe this one reggae festival in like ’90 but I don’t think that counts.

TB: What was your first punk show (if different form your first show)?
Sybilla: It isn’t different but the Zero Boys show wasn’t by choice. My first punk show that I wasn’t just a tag along with my parents was at the Reedmen’s lodge in oh...2002, I think. It was American Waste, Days and Nights in the Skeleton Crew, and others I don’t remember...

TB: First album?
Sybilla: They Might Be Giants John Henry...hehehe followed by a shitty Blink182 album and Queen’s greatest hits for Christmas when I was 10.

TB: First punk album?
Sybilla: That was mine or that I listened to? The first punk album I ever bought was Dropkick Murphy’s "the singles collection" Actually the first punk album i ever bought was The Chauvanists "Open Your Eyes" I read about them in Profane Existence or HardattaCk and ordered it. It was a demo for a little anarcho-hardcore punk band out of Madison Wisconsin. I played it until it broke (about every day for like two years), then I got in touch to see if I could get another one and they had broken up, went off to college, and had jobs and babies. Ha, I loved that cd so much, I had a huge crush on the guitarist too :) I even wrote the band fan letters for a while...hahahaha good times. The first punk album I listened to and liked was Fugazi "13 songs"... I can’t possibly remember the first punk album I listened to, I guess it would have been whatever my parents were listening to during my conception J

TB: Favorite band?
Sybilla: Minor Threat; second only to, They Might Be Giants, hence the zine name "Youth Culture Killed My Dog".

TB: What is your outlook on the punk community locally, nationally, and globally?
Sybilla: Hmmm...Well locally, as in Anderson, it sucks. I mean Anderson has potential I’ve seen it be great but now it's asleep, I guess. Metal core is pretty good here now though…um yeah.  Indianapolis is awesome though. The Piradical Productions crew really has something great going with the all ages punk there. I don’t even consider the negative aspects of punk, punk. So not counting shitty repeat street punk, pop punk in every pre-teens ipod and silly "scene" kids...yeah it's really great. It will always be great. How could punk community, real punk community not be? The whole mainstream invasion is getting better everyday as all the teeny boppers leech onto emo and metal-core (thank God) they'll be back in a few years though...It's just something that’s gonna happen. History repeats itself, over and over.

TB: What is YCKMD (Youth Culture Killed My Dog) and how did it come about?
Sybilla: YCKMD is a zine, er well, it would be what those outside of the punk scene call an independent magazine. It came about when I finished reading my first zine "Profane Exsistence" and decided I could do it better. I didn’t do it better and still haven’t managed. YCKMD is a waste of time, don’t buy it.

TB: Who all’s involved in the zine and how did they come to be involved?
Sybilla: Well first Kelso jumped on the yckmd bandwagon to hell, I met her online. (on an AOL punk message board). hahaha. Then you I met you (Alan)  through leaving notes in books at the library...then Nate, Jeremiah, Sharky, Nathan, tahnee, outlaw and all these other freaks jumped on recently for some bizarre self destructive reason. Basically it was me Kelso and you, Alan for a very long while... More people joined in after the 6th issue.

TB: What made you want to start a zine?
Sybilla: Profane Existence...and well my dad had a zine when he was in high school that never got printed and at first it was almost a way to show that I was better than him. Oh, and I wanted to create a sense of unity and create communication in a scene that didn’t even exist at the time...I haven’t succeeded but I did manage to make a lot or friends.

TB: What issue are you on?
Sybilla: Seven I guess.

TB: How do you pick what content makes it and what doesn’t?
Sybilla: As for articles...um, basically if it sucks it sucks. I like everything to be well researched, interesting, and well sometimes there isn’t room or I just don’t like it. I’m a zine Nazi...if you want in the zine cite your sources, be interesting, intelligent and have something original to say. I don’t want to hear about how pop punk sucks, global warming or why racism is stupid. Also comedy helps a lot. Sometimes it’s just too long, or too short. I don’t know, I just know if it’s the right article or not after reading it…
As for interviews...I interview local bands that seem to be pretty well respected and liked and are good (in my opinion) yeah mostly my friends get interviewed.

TB: I know MRR (Maximum Rock and Roll) reviews your zine and YCKMD made there top ten zine list.  What was that like when you found out?

Sybilla: I freaked out! I was on the way to a show in Kokomo and my dad threw it to me I opened it and absolutely lost it. You feel accomplished when you know that someone who makes a much better zine, liked yours. Sometimes we get good reviews and sometimes we get bad it depends on who reads it. Profane Existence always bashes us, tear eh, but it’s okay, maybe it really does suck. ;) My least favorite zine made the top ten and they said that my best issue sucked. I also just recently realized that if you make the reviewer laugh, cry, or think hard they like you a whole lot more...makes sense I guess.

TB: What plans and goals do you have for the future?

Sybilla: I'd love to see more involvement, and more enthusiasm. I would love to make handmade covers with aluminum foil, stickers, spray paint and twine...that would be the shit. Canvas covers sometime and t-shirts YEAH! And a compilation cd. Oh yeah, and an interview with Ian MacKaye or Mike Ness would make my life!

TB: How can people find out about YCKMD?
Sybilla: You can check out the shitty un-updated website at http://youthculturekmd.tripod.com, e-mail me at youthculturekilledmydogzine@yahoo.com or just like be old school and stop by or write me a damn letter 310 W. 2nd Anderson IN 46016.
TB: What is BDTB (Bull Dog Trash Bag) and how did it come about?
Sybilla: BDTB was the name for my show promotion business (business haha). It came about when i went to Rik Henry's show at Redmen’s and realized how easy it was. I was always pissed off back then at the lack of all ages shows so i just created my own. It all goes back to that whole DIY punk rock thing; if you want something, make it happen. It was totally selfish in the beginning but it ended up as a service project. 

TB: I know you’ve put BDTB on hold for a while, why is that?

Sybilla: Well, when you get 100 angsty, rebellious, punk teenagers together in one place and have bands playing loud angry music...you create an environment for people to get smashed, fight, be destructive and stupid. I wish it wasn’t so and i hate to generalize, but punk kids are pretty damn disrespectful. I'm not authority, I’m their equal, we're both just trying to have fun but they still spit on me. I’m hoping to take some time off to get more organized and learn to control people better. I don’t want to go to jail and at the rate we were going i was going to end up there. Too many smashed windows, fistfights and drunks passed out on the floor. Also I lost money just about every show and I  ended up in serious debt. 

TB: Will there ever be any more BDTB shows?
Sybilla: Probably in February...my friend Sophia isn’t allowed to go to shows until her 16th b-day and I promised her a show. So yeah, it'll take more than a broken window and doughnuts in the lawn to keep me from doing what i love to do.

TB:  What is the BDTB site and do you plan to keep the site up?  
Sybilla: http://bdtb.tripod.com and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

TB: What’s your involvement with the local Food not Bombs group?
Sybilla: As of now, nothing. Dumpster diving sucks in the summer. Expect some free tasty vegan dishes this fall. I helped start the Anderson chapter...I also cooked, collected food, promoted and served it (no matter how cold it was!) along with my friends at the Pearl street collective and a handful or others every once in awhile.                                                                                                                                                   
TB:  How can someone contact you?
Sybilla: Um, stuff is listed under the "how can people find out about yckmd" question. Get in touch I'd love to know what you think.

TB: Thanks?
Sybilla: Why is there a question mark Alan? Are you insinuating that you’re unsure of the value of this interview? Well you know what, FINE be that way. I don’t care. Your welcome! Hurumph.
Good luck with your zine, thanks for all your help in all my endeavors you are indeed an awesome person. xoxoxo Oh yeah, and if your reading this please start a zine or get involved in an existing one, Kurdt Kobain says that “If you’re a real “fan” of music you should wirte for a fanzine.” or something like that…So do it!

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