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By: Sybilla Gimmick


10. Up! Scumbag

is from Indianapolis, they seem to be stuck in the middle of the rock and punk scenes not sure which is right for them. With one foot in the Indianapolis Rock scene they have gained popularity locally and have been featured in many independent magazines and received air play on some radio stations but the other foot is stuck loyally in punk rock land and just barely hanging on to the underground. If this band were to let go of the strong punk roots I’m sure they would be very popular in more places than just home, and of course this fact makes us punks respect them even more than the rock people do. They’ve played for us here in Anderson a few times and have seemed to have brought the popular music kids into the underground music scene. Someone once told me they were all brothers, racist and Irish but I’m pretty sure this rumor is false, as funny as it is to think about. The three boys in this band are some of the friendliest, genuinely nice kids I’ve ever met.




9. Deadend Drive In

Are from Anderson/Muncie, they play a unique brand of horror-punk and look and sound about like a 50’s band that died and was resurrected. With greased back hair with white streaks, white face make-up with blood splattered all over, rock-a-billy clothes, and lyrics about sex, Halloween, dead babies, and being murdered in a corn field DEDI could have been your typical horror-punk band. Deadend Drive In’s amazing female vocals that blow Danzig out of the water and bring dead cats back to life, gives DEDI something that most horror punk bands don’t have: originality. They are in the middle of a line-up change and we’re not so sure if they’ll ever get through it but if they do they know we’re waiting for them.



8. Currently Held Captive (RIP)

from Kokomo broke up this summer after having lost their drummer to a car accident. They had a great crunchy, loud, angry old school hardcore sound and although the members were only seniors in high school they sounded as if they formed in ’84. Every show they played here this year, from the show where a huge circle pit came out of nowhere, to the show where they threw lunch meat at the vegan hardcore band, to the show that I threw soap at them and they tried to eat it, we’ll remember every single one. This band has been through so much with us and we’ll never forget them.




7. Life After Bed (RIP)

were from Anderson, they broke up this summer when their vocalist moved away to go to college. Life After Bed has been active in the Anderson scene long before any of us were even listening to music, and the members set up the foundation for the scene we have now. Life After Bed played an old school sounding, mid 90’s brand of pop punk that reminds me of the early Atari’s releases without the overproduced, clean sound. Their shows were some of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to. The members of LAB have been in other local classics such as Monster Pagan Death Ride, The Backdoor Ninjas and Days and Nights in The Skeleton Crew and are probably sitting in their basements contemplating their next attack as you read this article.



6. The Displeased

are from Marion and now go by the name EMD because their drummer moved to Texas. I refuse to acknowledge this name change and have very rarely mentioned it on show fliers because I’m a poop head. The Displeased became legendary the first time they played here in April and continue to amaze everyone. They played almost every show this summer whether they were invited to play or not and have shocked everyone with their flag burning ceremonies, drinking habits, radical street punk image, political views and over all punkness. They are every punk girl’s dream dates and every punk guy’s heroes. The high school kids in Anderson idolize the Displeased and try their hardest to get their Mohawks as tall, wear their pants as tight and get on just as many belts as them, but no one can come close. No one is sure what is so charming about this band… whether it’s their punk image, their Casualties/’77 punk sound, or the fact that they share their beer,  they have secured a place in the hearts of the Anderson kids until death do us part. Oi! Oi!



5. Room21

from Franklin has been making the long drive to Anderson to play for us since the dawn of the Oddfellows shows in early February. Some rumors got started about this band, and some fights have gone on between the Franklin kids and the Anderson kids but that doesn’t change the fact that Room21 is an excellent band. They have a fresh out of the garage punky sound that is mixed with some fast Misfits and delivered to you by a group of misled indie rock kids. Some how these Pixies/Sonic Youth listening kids have managed to stumble upon the formula for a perfect horror-punk band. Too fast to be horror, too scary to be punk and obviously this sound worked out because they have a very strong fan base that follows them wherever they play. Once a rumor got started that they were just pretending to be horror punk and they actually hated the Misfits. I sometimes wonder if they really were just joking all this time but even if they are Room21 has done a lot for our scene and I hope they continue to play for us for a very long time.



4. Everything, Now!

is from Muncie and is the only band on this list that isn’t a punk band. E,N! is a band full of musical geniuses pulled straight off of the BSU campus, who combine a mellow punky garage band sound, with smooth college rock, 50’s pop, and strange experimental noise. Their live performances are so intense and powerful, and just one single song is a musical adventure full of ups and downs, quite parts and loud parts, Fugazi like screams and poppy choruses that remind you of a Beach Boys song. The lyrics match the genre and explore deep into human emotion, and psychology. Everything, Now! Would probably be number one on this list if I would have made it out to more of their shows, but sadly Muncie is pretty far when one doesn’t have a car even for Everything, Now!. If this band cut their hair and stopped smoking pot I wouldn’t hesitate to label them “punk rock” but we love them just the way they are.



3. Tourette Stricken Rolemodels

from Warsaw, are a happy, melodic, pop punk band that reminds you of all the good things in life. TSR played one of my very first shows and won my heart instantly. The first time they played for me was in December of last year at a little hole in the wall, dive of a venue called Rosie’s Diner, there were about 30 people packed into the small room and from the first song to the last there was an enormous circle pit going that involved everyone in the room. That show was easily the best show I’ve ever been to. If you ever go to see them live you will notice that every song in their set is perfect, flawless, and easy to sing and dance to. A band like TSR only comes once in a life time so you better go see them before they aren’t around to see anymore.



2. Counter-Culture Unity (RIP)

from Marion just about made it to number one for this list but the fact that they broke up recently, took off points. C-CU was amazing in every way. From the sound of the band, to the people in it, to the politically aware lyrics, to their insanely energetic live performances they were perfect. The people in this band have touched my life in such a positive way and their sound has changed the way I think about music entirely. Some people labeled them as post-hardcore or screamo but I personally think C-CU was above labeling, they were just great. Even their bad shows were above average. What else can be said about such a great band? The members have moved on to be in such bands as Ingsoc, and the Panopticon. There are rumors circulating about C-CU getting back together, but not even the members are sure if these are true.



1. Ingsoc

is from Warsaw and the fact that the band includes members from both C-CU and TSR compels me to consider them to be a “super group”. Had Ingsoc mailed me a demo and asked if they could play I probably wouldn’t have ever booked them but luckily, I discovered them on “BYOFL.org” and was intrigued by their name, which came from the book 1984. I booked them, and the first time I heard them was the first time I saw them play. I don’t listen to any music that sounds like Ingsoc, but there is something about this band’s live performance that is just breath taking. The members of the band love each other so much and are such good friends you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of unity when you see them play. Their sound is hard to describe so I won’t embarrass myself by trying but just trust me when I say, they’re great and you’d be stupid not to go see them every time you get a chance.



Disclaimer: Don’t hate me because your band sucks


This list is my personal opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the zine in whole. If your band isn’t on here it’s not because I don’t love you. If you aren’t on here it’s probably because I’ve only seen you once or twice, your not from Indiana, you just recently formed or and not because your not a great band or I’m pissed at you or I’ve decided I don’t like you anymore. I almost made this list a top 20 just to fit in all of my friends but I can’t please everyone. Some other notable bands are Dead In Marseille, The Two Bit Terribles, Kennedy Brain Matter, Lord Of The Yum Yum, Blitzkid, A Failed Escape, Unsung Heros, Brain Dead, Weapons Of Choice, The Unfortunate Few, The Dead Beat Betties (RIP), American Waste (RIP),  Black Cat Rebellion,  and of course The Raging Cocks.





Heres a little clip from an interview I did with local punk legends The Displeased.


YCKMD: Would the Displeased ever REALLY sign to a major label?


Sly: If you’re true to your music and you don’t change your sound to please other people than, yeah. Yeah, I can say I would sign. As long as they didn’t tell us we had to look a certain way or we had to go with the new trend or if we had to like change lyrics to not offend someone. Or if like change guitar riffs, or drum beats, or bass lines. As long as they let us be who we are, then yeah. We’d sign to major.

Sleazy-Z: cough cough Anti-Flag cough cough.


YCKMD: What are some bands you think have been changed by major label?


T-money: Pretty much all the bands that are signed by labels…

Sly: Rancid. I mean I love Rancid they’re definitely one of my favorite bands but man they just… It seems like since Warner Brothers… And the Transplants with Solid Records they’re fucking assholes now. Nirvana, they fucking changed when they signed to major minus Kurdt he never did but Dave and Chris and Pat did. They became fucking greedy.

T-money: *starts bizarrely mocking some song*

Sleazy-Z: Where the fuck did that come from?

Sly: Well, exactly! Dave Ghrol. He fucking rode Nirvana’s fucking ass, I like the Foo Fighters, I do, he just fucking rode Kurdt's fucking tail.

*Knocking on the window of the car*


*jumbled and confusing arguing*

Sleazy-Z: I personally HATE Nirvana and I think of the group is with me on this one.

T-money: I am!

Sly: D-Bo likes Nirvana thank you!

D-Bo: Huh, What?

YCKMD: D-Bo, do you hate Nirvana?

D-Bo: I don’t hate Nirvana.

Sly: They did a lot for music they really did! Okay, you’ve got this guy who like, came from nothing to something and like became like a corporate rock god and didn’t sell out.

Sleazy-Z: He did the ultimate sell out.

Sly: I hate you! You’re a fucking asshole!

T-money: *rambling under his breath about how bad Nirvana sucks*

YCKMD: *to T-Money* Oh god, your bands breaking up.

T-money: We are.

*Sleazy and Sly continue to argue on in the background*

T-money: Tonight is going to be a kickass show just so you all know, thanks for waiting on us.


YCKMD: What does punk rock mean to you?

T-money: Everything, punk rock is life.

Sleazy-Z: Freedom.

T-money: Beer.

Sleazy-Z: Freedom

Sly: Um, I think I can honestly speak for D-Bo on this one.

T-money: *laughter*

Sly: No, man. We’ve talked about it. Punk rock to us, It’s fucking kids who like weren’t meant to be “cool”, weren’t meant to have popularity in high school and they wanted a way out and wanted to be what they were meant to be. I believe that we all have a plan in life and I think we’re all meant to be someone and I think the four of us playing together is like what’s meant to be and I think that’s why we’ve just seen so much fucking struggle in this band and were still here, no one can keep us down, we refuse to stay down.

Sleazy-Z: According to a lot of people it’s wearing two belts and you know doing shit like that. It’s in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Sly: Some people think if you’re a punk rocker you gotta have two belts and like a Mohawk or you know a fucking plaid pair pants or whatever. Punk is just fucking freedom and just doing what you believe in.

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